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  • Margie Dunkin-Jacobs « Turning Point Attendee
    Dear Marshall,

    There really are no words to thank you for changing my life and the life of my 21-year-old daughter, along with my younger sister and her 16-year-old daughter. Our Turning Point weekend was just that - for all of us. Our family has been through a very rough year in 2012,. Turning Point happening in 2013 was the start of a new year and a new outlook. First I said that I'd attend and I'd learn and come back and teach them. Then you offered a guest spot and I grabbed a ticket for my daughter. So generous!! Then you opened it up at the last minute and my sister hopped on a plane with her daughter even though it was a huge financial stretch. We came because of you! Your greatness!!

    Turning Point for me was it! THANK YOU. You are brilliant! You are inspiring and absolutely incredibly honest with the best humor of any speaker I've ever encountered ~ and I've seen many. The opportunity that you gave us in the room about coaching with you is the MOST incredible gift of my life, and my daughter's life. We are on board. Thank you. When you asked us to picture the awards on the wall in our living room (and I had a very nice living room - thank you for that!!), one of mine was a Humanitarian Award (my sister had the same one) and the other was 5-Star Top Executive Sterling Coach for 4 consecutive years in a row for Marshall Sylver'sCoaching Program. Don't ask me why 4, but that's what I saw! I'm glad I get to stay around for at least four years ahead!!

    I gave my notice at the University I work at on Tuesday, January 29. I know in my heart of hearts I cannot continue to work another day at something that isn't fulfilling for me and isn't allowing me to generate my true purpose in life - which is giving back to others.. I was very nervous before I handed in my notice and then - a sense of genuine calm ~ and I've been that way ever since. Maybe it was the flame before me that you allowed us to eat ~ brilliant!!! Eating fire has given me incredible confidence. It conquered my fear. I gave the notice to my supervisor and said in my mind, "Power" and immediately knew it was the right thing to do. Was it easy? Well, leaving a job that pays me and two tuitions at $30K, plus excellent benefits at about $1,800 a month was not easy. In fact, I don't even know where I will get the money to start with. I am trying thereal estate - can't wait for the coaching and trying the weight loss avenue. I haven't made a dime - but I will!! I have faith, strong faith that it will all come together in the next few months. I know I will give it 200 percent ~ and then some ~ and I will work to be one of your very best coaches!!

    I would like to be on your team for as long as you'll have me.

    I'm excited. I can't quit jumping up and down. I seriously cannot quit jumping up and down. I feel the realness of this. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.I know if I serve others from my heart, I'm doing it for the right reasons - and I want that chance to do just that.

    Only my very best wishes to you and your beautiful and amazing wife and sweet little boy, Sterling, and of course to little Maximus on the way too. When you have this incredible family, you have everything. You deserve the blessings before you. You are gracious and generous. You are incredible. I too feel very blessed to be married to the love of my life for 30 years and have two great daughters in college whom we love with all our hearts.

    The day I was at Robyn Thompson's event, October 28, 2012 was the day my life changed. You powerfully announced over the microphone that I won a $30K coaching session with you, and I knew from that second on, that life would be different.

    Thank you, Marshall Sylver, for that absolutely generous and amazing and powerful gift, unlike anything I've ever received in my whole life. I feel bold now. I'm ready to embrace change. I'm optimistic. I'm not afraid to be amazing. I'm not afraid to take chances - okay, a tiny little bit still, but I did! I flew to Vegas when I didn't have the money for an airline ticket. When you offered another guest, I just made the flight arrangements for my daughter without thinking because I knew she needed this more than anything!

    I decided to seize the moment and figure it out later - and it was worth every single penny. My daughter is a very smart girl and has not always made very smart choices. She has changed. She announced all peacock like to my husband and I that she's changed her habits. She decided, after hearing you, that she was wasting her life and her money, and she wanted more out of life. She was talking about classes with renewed enthusiasm and studying in Europe next year. She is excited about the coaching opportunity. It's school break and her friends are all road tripping for an adventuire.. She chose to stay with me to listen to your livestream training and waitress at night. That is HUGE!!! A year ago, she would have been off with them in that car, spent a week not really doing anything of value and would have come home with great memories - we hope. The new daughter, the one who listened to you, TRULY gets it!! She's staying home to hear the coaching workshop. Wow! Honest to God, as long as I live, I could never, ever thank you enough!*

    Good luck with the delivery of your next son - and hope all goes smoothly again. Blessings to you and your beautiful family.

    With All the Love in my Heart and Soul and Gratitude Overflowing,
    Margie Dunki-Jacobs

  • Tammy Blauvelt
    Dear Marshall:
    I first saw you speak at the Learning Annex in Boston. I was drawn to the event by Donald Trump. It was you who ended up being one of my favorite speakers at the event. I signed up immediately for your Turning Point Seminar and since Turning Point; I have attended the Millionaire Mentorship Program and The Next Level.

    I was initially a little concerned about the investment; and once at the Millionaire Mentorship Program, I realized you had delivered on your promise of giving us a seminar that would be worth much than we ever thought it could be… Not to mention all the wonderful folks who attend the events.

    Over the last few years, I have been an accomplished sales executive for a large corporation. I have always been an over achiever. This time last year I was in a “slump”, and when I came back from the Mentorship Program my Executive Team noticed the change in my attitude, my persistence and willingness to get creative in order to bring in new business.

    It goes without saying this only helped me J and, I am happy to say I have been on an upward trend since MMP ! I am at 145% of quota and making an income that would be considered to be in the top % of earnings.

    As a result of your coaching program, I took the initiative to write and submit a testimonial on my experience at the Learning Annex and my thoughts on Donald Trump.

    My story was not only about Donald Trump. It was also about how much I enjoyed the event and that you were one of the best speakers there and you’re Programs are Awesome! I submitted that testimonial (along with hundreds of others from across the country) and was chosen to be published in Trump’s and Bill Zanker’s recent book “Think Big and Kick Ass. It was very exciting for me, and I would have never taken that step if it wasn’t for Your Program and Coaching.

    We work very hard at your events and you also make sure we have a lot of fun too! Next Level was incredible, and I am signed up for Seminar Boot Camp and Mastermind Summit.

    This has been a wonderful journey – thank you for your teaching and your inspiration!
  • Julie Lahr « Turning Point Attendee
    Just an amazing experience and looking forward to more Marshall Sylver seminars/events! Loved the fire eating - wow! Thank you! *
  • Dawn Thompson « Turning Point Attendee
    Thank you to everyone who prepared for a seemingly flawless event. It's obvious that everyone Marshall surrounds himself with cares and shares the same passion to help others. *
  • Dirk Hartwig « Turning Point Attendee
    I was troubled within myself and listening to the statement Marshall had said that kept playing over and over. I can't beat myself up over things, just acknowledge where I'm at and keep pushing forward with my plans, not my dreams. Take the steps that I can take a the present time. I wanted to go back to the table so bad cause I know it'd for sure do what he says it'd do, but I felt bad cause I know Marshall is putting the customer first with his love for people. I know Marshall gets lots of thank you's but it's just not enough for what he does to help others. I'm so very grateful and thankful for him buying my lunch both days and sharing his heart and knowledge for those who want more from life.

    Oh, also the wake up for me on real love. Him sharing his personal life stories of his new baby boy and the love of his life, had me teary eyed a few times. I felt so happy for him. Not jealous, pure happiness for what he has as a family.

    Thank you very much Marshall !!!! *
  • Jada Law « Turning Point Attendee
    Fantastic Seminar! Professional, Fun and Energizing. I've been to several seminars in the past and had high expectations. I was very happy with my decision to invest in Turning Point. :0) *
  • Dex Rogerson « Turning Point Attendee
    Looking forward to the next Turning Point. I had no desire to eat fire, however I got such a kick out of watching some of the other people do it. Even though I still have no desire to eat fire, I will do it next time, because it finally hit me............... I teach (Marshall) you do (Dex)..... no questions. Thanks for the love Marshall. Thanks for believing in me. *
  • Colleen Abrie « Turning Point Attendee
    I loved all of it, every minute of it. I love the fact that Marshall addresses male/female relationships and sex. Two things that most people are clueless about and need to get clear on. Charisma is built on that understanding...in my mind anyway... Plus, all these people get together in various seminars and don't know how to act around each other. Go Marshall!

    The other major impact was the trance session. I had an amazing vision on the 1st day during trance. I recall the vision and use it now as a reassuring anchor. It was HUGELY powerful. Reprogramming is why I came.
  • John Ivey « Turning Point Attendee
    Thanks for the information and the empowerment! Great performance as usual Marshal and congratulations on young Sterling! *
  • Debbie
    I just wanted to thank Marshall. I am a fellow GIN member and was listening to his audios in our member development series and he made mention about smoking and how much business you actually lose by being a smoker without even realizing it. Also the best way to quit is to just consider yourself a nonsmoker. With all that being said. THANK YOU MARSHALL , I quit smoking after listening to that audio and honestly feel it was very easy because I simply was a nonsmoker, it was a nonissue. Thank you Marshall my family and I thank you from the bottom, top, and all over our hearts. It has been... Gosh 6 months now and I have even tried smoking just to check myself and I truely am a NONsmoker. God bless you Thank you.*
  • Monica Milstead « First Million Attendee
    First Million tickets $2000
    Gas and parking $50
    Lunch at the airport $30
    My experience PRICELESS!!!

    🙂 Seriously, another awesome experience with Marshall and his staff!*
  • Jacki Simon « First Million Attendee
    I really enjoyed it. Marshall is very inspiring. I started listening to the CD's again today.*
  • Barb Eichlin « First Million Attendee
    Marshall's heart-felt renditions and real-life tales relating success and vision and becoming a millionaire to us and our situations; helping us get out of our own way by means of stories and examples and extremely helpful and positive advice.*
  • Richard Paradis « First Million Attendee
    Personally, I feel there is so much life changing information that I am indifferent to being introduced to new educational material. I use to pay $5,000.00 to go to a Ron LeGrand seminar, but always made at least $25,000.00 when I got home and implemented the concepts.

    Marshal's teachings are beyond value*
  • Josie Brandon « Turning Point Attendee
    There are certain things you experience that make you feel blessed to be a part of, this is one of these moments for me. People have no idea what words and beliefs can do to your world. Thank you for reminding me of this. My first introduction to Marshall Sylver was filled with deep respect and continued desire to be the best and be inspired by what is going on in his mind of unlimited potential:) It reminds us all that the 5 people we chose to surround yourself with is vital to our own growth and potential. Thank you!!!! *
  • Makea Turner « Turning Point Attendee
    I really enjoyed the relationship part of the seminar..since the last time I attended turning point I have taken several huge steps in my business but there is still alot that needs to be worked on in my relationship. I can honeslty say that there is nothing about the seminar that I did not enjoy.*
  • Angela Sampa « Turning Point Attendee
    I really enjoyed the whole seminar! I really loved the exercise with eating the fire! Honestly I felt more power than I have ever felt in my life!*
  • Brian C. « Turning Point Attendee
    I was impressed with the content I learned. I would recommend it to anyone. Next time I would like to bring my wife. *
  • Stevi Sullivan « Turning Point Attendee
    Truly enjoyed being there. I am a speaker myself and although I don't have the amount of experience or the level of skill that Marshall has, it was fun to be there to watch the machine in action. I was able to pick up some things that I can use in myown seminars. I thought the room was well run, content was great. I unfortunately had to leave right after lunch time because I had a prior commitment. Sometimes people just need to be given a step up and that can make all the difference in the world. I look forward to a bright collaborative future with Marshal and Prosperity Alliance. Thank you so much for putting this out there, offering the access, and creating a lucrative way for more of us to impact a larger group of people. *
  • Kendra Fipps « Turning Point Attendee
    The Turning Point Event truly change my life. This event made you look at your whole life. Marshall address every area in our lives. The word "Satori" be in the here and now! Thank you Marshall! *
  • Linda Thorton « Turning Point Attendee
    Helping us to better control our emotions and be empowered by use of the trance methods is an excellent tool. Thank you for teaching it. The way you teach and your dynamic approach is a wonderful way get teh method across. Your open sharing of yourself and your life experience was very helpful in modeling how to dream big visions and making it okay. Thank you. I can't wait to send people to you and get them on your radio program. Of course, i can't wait to listen myself. You have inspired me to take action, even though only a few steps are known. *
  • Kenneth Edmonds « Turning Point Attendee
    Satori!!!! This is my third event but I came with a mission this time that I was going to focus on my wife and I and our personal success mission and I walked away with 65 pages of notes (8.5 x 11 sheets) I did not check emails all weekend or make any calls or talk to anyone but my wife. We are rewriting our story!! There is such a big difference when you remain in the moment!!!!!!!*
  • Catherina Chiechi « Turning Point Attendee
    Thank you. I dream of supporting the cause in changing government inefficiency and helping enlighten economic success principles for each individual. After I learn some basics myself, I yearn to teach fellow poppers. Will be following Marshall on his impact on the world (and praying for him to be used powerfully)*
  • Summer White « Turning Point Attendee
    Marshall Sylver's presentation was top notch. Content was invaluable. Effectiveness was profound. More people need to hear him! I want him to do a seminar in Detroit. It will be good for him. It will be good for us. It will be good for the economy. We are creating a target rich environment. He wants to come!*
  • Anna Carney « First Million Attendee
    I am fascinated by everything you do, I want to learn every move, every word and every pause. What I learned has been already changing my life. I don't know where I'm going to end up but I'm not scared anymore. Thank you for opening my eyes and making me "hungry".*
  • Erica Belisario « First Million Attendee
    Marshall Sylver's presentations are powerful, interesting and exciting. He definitely makes his events what they are -- memorable! All the subjects were helpful. Besides learning a lot, I found Marshall Sylver's presentations very entertaining. The info projected on the stage wall was very helpful.*
  • Cheri McDonald « First Million Attendee
    As always, all of Marshall's material is applicable and motivating... his ability to take the "known" and add his "human originality" opens the way for me to see how to integrate it in my life because I can see how he's actually doing it in his own life.*
  • Denise Pendleton « First Million Attendee
    I went into the event with different expectations until Sunday afternoon when I "got it". I expected to experience more hypnosis that would help us get over our fear of selling. It was like the light bulb went on Sunday evening when I realized you were offering a blueprint for our success.*
  • Lizeth Galvan « First Million Attendee
    I knew from the second that I saw Marshall speak at wealth and wisdom that he was someone I can relate to. I love his honesty and the fact that he gives it to you straight. So far I've have only attended the two courses and have been completely satisfied with my purchase*
  • Trudy Coker « Irresistible Influence Attendee
    I am very satisfied with the way the events have pushed me to make decisions about my life I was putting off on the back burner, making excuses, feeling comfortable in the rut I was in. I remember as a young girl lying on the pitch dark dirt floor with no running water or electricity in a little village in Ghana wanting more for my life. I spent many hours in the library studying and dreaming about far away places. The greater my desire the more I looked for opportunities to stand out. I have rediscovered that burning desire I once had. I am unstoppable and I feel empowered. Thanks*
  • KC Savage « Irresistible Influence Attendee
    This is the 1st seminar that I actually feel like I have changed. I dont mean more knowledgeable. I mean this siminar Rocked My Existince. I am now driven to never go back.*
  • Genie Fuller « Turning Point Attendee
    Thank you so much -- you have accomplished something I have been battling for at least 35 years through tons of seminars, visualizations and affirmations!

    First of all, I am 74 years old and have always placed at the top of the list for potential assets for sales and business. I have intellectually known I have everything they are looking for but have been unable to "get it" emotionally, so did not live up. Coming from a middle class family I fell into that hypnosis.

    I GOT IT this last weekend! Wow! That's what I came to get, but was not counting on getting it because of all the previous sessions. I now sincerely realize that I, Genie Fuller, can make a Million and more even reinventing myself at 74 -- amazing. Hallelujah! It's never too late, right?

    I really appreciate all the insights:

    • Focus and use what you have -- I thought out a new profitable wrinkle while on my morning bike ride and am thrilled -- it was right there all along
    • Play with the resistance and be relentless -- always hard for me being very reserved but I loved that I am obligated to get people on things I believe it
    • Practice your presentation, etc. -- not that I haven't heard that before
    • POWER -- then SLEEP NOW! -- love the POWER affirmation and have been working on self-hypnosis since I got back
    • Be congruent with who you are and where you are going
    • Make sure you are unique and stand out -- be attractive -- believe me, I will look the part and command attention
    • Become what you want to attract
    • The affirmation "I am a multi-millionaire whose $$ are not yet deposited in the bank"

    Well, you know all these, but they did make a huge difference delivered with flair, style, direction, power and hypnosis! Thank you - thank you.

    I look forward to being one of your stars in Prosperity Alliance. Thank you for creating this vehicle for people like me. Having run professional "referral groups" for upscale folks for 22 years, I have a prospect list that tops 100 right now and is growing as I think of more. Although I took my business national and got lots of acclaim, it was not very profitable -- only rewarding. Now, I am ready to get started making a difference in a profitable venture and look forward to generating my first million with you. Thanks so much.

    I cannot thank you enough for the weekend! And, being a professional speaker (on referrals for marketing for attorneys and accountants) I am very judgmental. I know you know that you are exceptional, and I have to emphasize it! Thanks for putting in all those hours to perfect your craft. I appreciate it and will be a loyal follower as well as one of your leaders. Can't wait for First Million! Genie Fuller P.S. I can't help but feel a little akin to you -- my maiden name is Marshall!*

    P.S. I can't help but feel a little akin to you -- my maiden name is Marshall!
  • Terry Savage « Irresistible Influence Attendee
    You and your staff are amazing, warm and open people. It is a joy to learn from you and I look forward to a life long learning experience and continued growth. I feel my confidence building daily and watch my husbands confidence build as well. I look forward to sharing my story with you. As you said, we all have stories... Thank you very much for sharing yourselves and your amazing knowledge with us in a manner that allows us to understand and implement the changes immediately.*
  • Nancy Johnson « Turning Point Attendee
    I really can't say enough. The one thing that I can say for certain is THANK YOU! Thank you for the opportunity to be in my satori and providing me with the basics to further my journey and working my way toward my first million!!!*
  • Erik Von Werlhof « Turning Point Attendee
    This is something I had been waiting for for a long time! My profound thanks to James Larson for giving me the opportunity to experience Turning Point! When I become a millionaire I want to be a testimonial for Prosperity Alliance!

    With much thanks and gratitude!*
  • Erica Belisario « Turning Point Attendee
    Thank you so much for all the great energy that went into this wonderful event and many thanks also to your amazing staff.

    The Turning Point event was AWESOME!!!!!!!!! We'll see you at the "Firs Million" event.*
  • Thomas Moore « Turning Point Attendee
    I HAD A GREAT TIME AND THIS EVENT WAS TRULY A TURNING POINT FOR ME. I will continue to visit future events and I have already been living by what I learned over the last few awesome days.*
  • Dennis Palmerston « Turning Point Attendee
    Marshall, you are the greatest! Now that you have decided to have children you have a deeper, softer and more powerfuf level of commitment and presentation. Your spiritual sincerity comes across even stronger and your love for life is more impactful. Keep up the excellent work.*
  • Michael Breeze « Turning Point Attendee
    I am very grateful for this life changing seminar. Thank you.*
  • James Tomkowski « Turning Point Attendee
    Thanks for everything, had the best weekend of my life and sorry that it had to end so soon.Hurry back for the next one!!*
  • Marty Rajadhyax « Turning Point Attendee
    I wish a lot of my friends and acquientances would have a chance to attend your seminars. Thank you for all the work you put into preparing for the events. God bless. *
  • Jack McKee « Turning Point Attendee
    I thank you Marshall Sylver for an unforgetable experience.Although you did not have a chance to challenge me about investing in more seminars. I will with out a doubt be returning to more of your fantastic events.*
  • Anna Guarco « Turning Point Attendee
    This seminar changed my life. I received tickets through enrolling in Emotional Freedom Technique certification and filling out a survey which placed me in a lottery. Through divine intervention, I won that lottery and within weeks the seminar came to Hartford, CT. I invited my mother to come with me on the second ticket; I did not know anyone else that would even consider joining me. My mother agreed but with hesitation. When we received the schedule, we saw the seminar consisted of two ten-hour days. We expected I’d be going alone the second day – until the experience took flight.

    My understanding of hypnosis shifted over the course of the weekend as I came to understand hypnotic trance as not a loss of control, but rather a state of mind in which one lets go of conscious control – simply allowing themselves to be guided safely and protectively. In many ways, this was a new experience for me. I felt a powerful release of fear through completely trusting my trainers. Not only did I allow myself to be guided through hypnosis; I also practiced extinguishing a flaming torch with my mouth under their supervision! I also began to share myself, my life story, and current situation with both the group of attendees as well as the trainers. I received tremendous support and encouragement to keep moving forward with my life, plans, and dreams. I was even given some monetary support in addition to the physical and emotional; I couldn’t believe it! I’d had to miss work to attend, and yet ended up coming home with more money than if I had missed this opportunity!

    Lunch with a coach was optional, and my mother and I took advantage of this both days. The female coach I related to in particular; she is a wife, mother of six, and works. She succeeded in college until an accident took away her abilities to function and remember. Relearning on her own enabled her to get back on her feet in time, and she is now extremely wealthy. I was inspired! The host, Doug, inspired me as well. He could relate to being poor and having family, but he too has worked his way into wealth. He has experience working with combat veterans (through hypnosis), so I felt a connection I’d never experienced elsewhere.

    Doug chose to give me over a hundred dollars when I explained my life situation to him; other attendees contributed as well. Doug blessed me, and several individuals thanked my husband for his service to our country; whether it was in honor of it being Memorial Day weekend or not, I can’t be sure. My mother and I were in tears before I could say anything beyond the bare facts of my husband being an unemployed combat veteran, us both being in school, and so poor that we live in a basement because my parents have taken us in so we have shelter and food. It wasn’t until the next day that I was able to get out that we also have a child, and that the only reason I made it to this seminar was because I’d won the tickets. My mother told me through tears that she was proud of me, which I hadn’t heard since leaving for Smith College seven years ago.

    It was a great healing experience for myself as well as for my mother and I. My mom ended up coming both days, so I know we both got much more out of the seminar than we’d ever imagined. That weekend helped me to realize, acknowledge, and overcome many of my identity and relationship issues. I gained knowledge and strategies for improving all of the relationships in my life, as well as reconnecting to my true self. It felt great to dream again, to unbury my goals, and to be supported in doing so! I had lost connection with my personal power, and my ability to achieve what I want in life – regardless of challenges. I regained insight into what I have to offer through my experiences, and the value in those offerings.

    I came home from the second day and sat with my husband so we could dream together. I wanted to know what his dream for his future was, and what his ideal days of work and play were for himself – now knowing my own. Though there were some differences between our dreamy visions, this did not scare me. For the first time, I saw us as being on one path together while also and always on our own inner journeys as well – just as we have been all our lives. I am relieved to not feel the need to bury my goals for being different from his, or from what mine have been at other times in my life. I am determined to pursue what I want for myself, and to let that change as needed along the way. My gratitude for this turning point in my journey is absolutely boundless! I feel I can emerge from my old identity now, and live without constraints and with creativity. It’s as though my chains have become clouds, softly grounding me.*
  • Victoria Burnett « Turning Point Attendee
    I'm. Going. Back. Thankyou so much this has changed the way I think. I'll be back at the next Turnint Point and will be sexier, happier and even more successful! *
  • Therese Eley « Turning Point Attendee
    Thank you for incorporating unlimited re-attends into the program for those who purchase. I am so glad we went back to Tuning Point again and we intend to keep going - so please keep them coming to Vancouver! They are such a great way to keep the momentum going, in our life, but also in our sales efforts. *
  • Harold Dondanville
    To Marshall.....A special Thanks!!!!!

    Marshall, Harold Dondanville here, (the handsome Bald, bearded one). I sincerely want to Thank You for giving my life back. For my prior life, 61 years of it, was lived in unworthiness, shame, guilt, fear, failure and worst of all non respect/love of myself. This past weekend, especially Sunday afternoon process released all the self sabotaging negative, hurtful self talk that I had kept telling my self. I let it go. During the possess when you said the word UNWORTHY, I cried. 61 years of unworthiness washed out of me threw those tears. In it’s placed, you put in belief, love, and most of all respect for this DIVINE creation of GOD. Thank You.

    This was the first time, when the safety and security of being with like mined people was over, I smiled. I smiled all the way home. For the first time I wasn’t afraid to go home to an empty house, fearing the reality of life will kick me in the teeth again. I slept peacefully (didn’t even have to get up 3 or 4 times to go to the bathroom) waking up refreshed, excited to face the world. I did most of my life, was always looking for my self. I knew I was there, somewhere. You guided me threw the crap, the courage to go threw the crap face the crap and just let it go. When, I let it all go, there was I. All smile’s. I could go on for hours/days/weeks what went on threw me during that 60 min. process Marshall.

    I will put it all in my book, share it in my seminars and workshops (there is true life after 60). One thing more I will say, towards the end, were we projected 5 years in advance, my dream home never changed from the one I been dreaming about for years, the floor, the furnishings, the view, the cars, even the pictures on the wall were all the same. The awards were new, very clear to see and it felt good. I touched them and smiled. Then when the LITTLE girl sat on my lap, I froze, I cried, until she asked me “is this your house” “are you rich”, my heart, my spirit, MY RESPECT OF MY SELF, said very, very happily and with enthusiasm, YES, YES I AM. And for the first time in my whole life Marshall, I knew how I was going to get rich, it’s so very clear to me now. No more “WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WHEN I GROW UP”.

    I am so excited I joined PROSPERITY ALLIANCE, and am looking forward to this coming weekend Total Prosperity, so I can learn with even more confidence how to put it all together. Thank You again Marshall.*

    P.S., the person at the party who came up to me, was you, we hugged.
  • Carol Wood from Rutland, VT
    I have struggled with my weight for most of my life and have tried every method of losing weight known to man. Then last summer, a miracle happened. I met Marshall Sylver. What a fantastically, genuinely nice guy!! I knew who he was and about his appearances on shows such as David Letterman and Montel Williams and so I told him about my struggles with my weight and asked him if he knew anything at all about weight loss. What Marshall told me soon changed my life. He sent me his CD “I AM PERMANENTLY SLENDER”. Within the first week of listening every night to Marshall’s CD, I lost 2lbs. I was so excited!! Within a month I lost 10 pounds. Before I knew it, I had lost 30lbs within 10 weeks. All I did was listen every day to Marshall’s CD and my thoughts and habits began to change. For exercise, all I did was walk every day. That’s it!! Just Walk!!

    Once I lost the 30lbs, and felt I would be safe in doing so, I began my workout regimen again. Now; it’s been just over 7 months and I have lost a whopping 50lbs and I feel better than I have in years and I am in the best shape of my life. I’ve heard it said and I believed it too; that the older you get the harder it gets to lose weight. But, I am 47 years old and closing fast on 48 and I dropped 30lbs in 10 weeks and an additional 20 over the next few months, so that within 7 months I had lost 50lbs! And I took not one pill. And I am NOT on a diet!! I eat whatever I want. I just don’t seem to want things that are really bad for me. I don’t overeat. I think, move and eat like the slender person I now am. And I have Marshall Sylver and his “I AM PERMANENTLY SLENDER” program to thank for it. I am in my best shape ever and with my new way of thinking about myself and the food I eat, I will continue to be the person I now am for the rest of my life. Thank you so much Marshall!!! I AM PERMANENTLY SLENDER!!!!!!*
  • Len Belli from Westborough, MA
    I am a guy who has had a very successful career working in the design and project management business but who has always feared being in front of a group or making any type of presentation. I can work with the toughest of contractors in the worst situations but ask me to say a few words at a luncheon and I turn into sweating mass of Jello legs.

    That is why I volunteered to go up on stage during Marshal’s show. Being hypnotized or totally relaxed or mentally managed or what ever his power of suggestion was it was life altering. I won’t try to describe in detail what the experience was for me from the inside out as it would take many pages. Let’s just say that for the next three days I knew several things had changed for me:

    1. Everyone new my name, who my wife was and where we were from.
    2. They all wanted to talk to me about my experience.
    3. I did not feel embarrassed about being on stage doing odd things.
    4. I approached the remaining three days with a confidence I have never had in a large group.
    5. Even today I have a new sense of confidence in my daily endeavors.

    What rings true for me is that when I was on stage doing weird things, I always knew what I was doing was odd, but it was what needed to be done that helped me do it. This in retrospect is the essence of your program. For the next three days when you would ask us to meet and greet and share data I left my chair and met and talked with strangers as if I had always been in public relations.*
  • Belle Berg
    This has been by far the best seminar to date! The information you have provided to us at Seminar Bootcamp is worth it's weight in gold! I was a very shy person afraid to ask questions. Since joining Marshall's Prosperity Alliance I have found a new me! It's never been that I was afraid, it's that I didn't believe in myself. The more seminars I attend the more I am getting reprogrammed and now I have realized the fear I used to experience was that I was the type of person who had to be completely comfortable speaking about my subject. After attending Seminar Bootcamp, I now realize I am comfortable with many subjects and I will be a seminar speaking in the very near future.

    Another advantage of attending the Seminar Bootcamp: The instructions we were given from this seminar was that there are numerous subjects to give seminars on - the SKY'S the LIMIT! John Childers is fantastic! He's very direct and to the point and you'd have to be a moron not to have had an AH HA moment after attending the seminar bootcamp! He spells it all out!

    Thank you Marshall!!! *
  • Judy Wiesberg
    Marshall's Turning Point was terrific. William is so fired up, he's running around like there's a propeller attached to his tail. We are going to the Total Prosperity Seminar this weekend. I just love William. He's the man friend I've always wanted to have. He tells me how it is and looks after me. George did not attend, because I was too reticent to tell him to get his butt in there. However, he called me at 8 o'clock Monday morning to find out how it was. I had a long conversation with him. He's going through a lot of stuff, people he works with dragging him down. He's going to do the seminars, and I told him I'd go with him to the Turning Point after my trip in June, since I can do it again for free.

    Best to you,*
  • Nancy Matthews
    "Thanks Marshall for giving us the opportunity to share the Turning Point with our members. As you may (or may not know), during most of my presentations I credit you with being my first mentor, the one who really showed me how to embrace and step into my greatness. I also discovered that one of the things holding me back was my preconceived notion that “rich people aren’t nice, they’re stuck up, greedy and don’t really care about others.” And of course, I didn’t want to be like that so why should I want to be rich. All that changed when I met you and discovered you can be rich AND kind and giving (it’s not an “either or world”). I’ve learned that not only is it okay for me to be wealthy, it’s actually my responsibility. To squander the gifts and talents I’ve been given is a disservice to others and dishonor to God.

    I’m thrilled that you’ve made the opportunity for me to now share with my mentees the wonderful world, where everything you touch turns to “Sylver”.*
  • Mark Victor Hansen
    In all of my career on the stage, Television and Intellectual teachings, the most Influential and Empowering Stage presence and the Most Powerful person in our industry for an audience, is Marshall Sylver. That is a huge statement for an incredible man.

    My life has been dedicated to the mission of making a profound and positive difference in people’s lives. Throughout my career, I have been blessed to have inspired hundreds of thousands of people to create a more powerful and purposeful future for themselves while stimulating the sale of billions of dollars worth of goods and services. I am also a prolific writer, having authored Future Diary, How to Achieve Total Prosperity and The Miracle of TithingI have co-authored Chicken Soup for the Soul Series, Dare to Win and The Aladdin Factor (all with Jack Canfield), and The Master Motivator (with Joe Batten).

    That being said, Marshall has been an amazing influence and teacher of what he knows better than anyone, getting your audience to Take Action! His combination of Fun and Entertainment coupled with the most powerful two hour presentation in our business, Marshall will absolutely add value, fun, content and profits to any event.

    We have had a wonderful partnership and lucrative success when working together. Thank you Marshall for your ability to make every event you attend more successful, not just for you and the host, for every speaker at that event! I am excited to do more events together in the very near future!*
  • Robert Allen
    I am an entrepreneur and a successful author who has authored several award winning books and became a multi-millionaire before the age of 35. My books and education have made over two hundred people millionaires. I have sold nearly 2.5 million copies of my books, been a featured guest on popular radio and television shows such as Larry King Radio & TV Show and Good Morning America. I have also been featured in Barron's, Parade, People, Reader's Digest and even the Wall Street Journal.

    Why do I tell you all of this? My name is Robert Allen and my experience in the seminar and speaking community is extensive. I have been blessed with the privilege of working together with the greatest speaker from a platform and the most incredible addition to any event, Marshall Sylver.

    Marshall empowers any audience to Massive Action! Every event of mine, in fact, every event that I have seen him present at has benefited incredibly from his Hypnosis Show and Presentation. Marshall has brought our organization hundreds of thousands, if not Millions of dollars over our relationship together.

    Every audience, every event, every speaker wants to have Marshall Sylver on stage. Take Action Now!!*
  • Lynette Perez
    I attended your Turning Point™ seminar in Orlando and I learned and grew so much in those two days, it’s truly unbelievable to me. Appreciating life is finally starting to make sense. And you know what? It feels PERFECT, FANTASTIC AND AWESOME. THANK YOU Marshall, you really made a difference in my life.*
  • Jeff & Kathleen Hornstein
    We have experienced a high degree of partnership, empowered each other beyond the level we normally go, tons of intimacy and sex, and are giving our kids (4) a greater level of patience and fun. We can't thank you enough for the results we have achieved from participating the Turning Point™.*
  • Jason Rodriguez
    "After studying with Marshall at the Millionaire Mentorship Program, I made $10,000 the very first week."*
  • Mike Snodgrass
    "Just four weeks after the Millionaire Mentorship Program™ I went from earning $10,000 a month to earning $10,000 a week. In four weeks I earned over $40,000."*
  • Ian Zhang
    Just to let you know that I used one of your techniques and closed one tough listing making $18,000 10 days ago!! Thank you!"*

*Personal Results. Results Not Typical.





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